What is the meaning of life? Can you relive your genetic code memories? Is tripping on shrooms still scientifically relevant? On this episode Jeremy a...View Details

#30 - Bullitt - PG (1968)

Roaring into theaters in 1968, This movie had three winning ingredients which won over fans and critics alike. Steve McQueen the king of cool, it was ...View Details

What was supposed to be the first of many exciting films directed by Stephen King became the only film directed by him. This misfire of a movie stumbl...View Details

In the 1990s comedian Jim Carrey could do no wrong. With a string of hits over several years he decided to push his comedy into new areas. The black c...View Details

Hot on the heels of their breakout directoral debut, the Coen brothers quickly changed gears from their hard hitting crime drama Blood Simple to the b...View Details

Based off the 1930s comic strips and movie serials, Flash Gordon flamboyantly landed in theaters hoping to be the next Star Wars. Initially a box offi...View Details

After the oversaturation of unstoppable action heros in the 80's director John Mctiernan wanted to make his next action movie a little different. By c...View Details

Coming out of nowhere and instantly becoming a horror benchmark in cinema, Tobe Hooper's second film smashed box office numbers earning well over two ...View Details

#23 - Alien - R (1979)

Following Star Wars this movie broke down more barriers helping the general moviegoer realize the Sci-Fi genre was more than campy pulp stories. Ridle...View Details

#22 - The Rock - R (1996)

In memorial of Sean Connery passing away we decided to review one of his mid 90's action movies which introduced him to an all new upcoming generation...View Details

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